International Forum on
"Quality & Safety in Healthcare"
May 15-17, 2023 - Copenhagen

We are honored to be among the 3010 delegates participating in this grand international event!

International Forum on Quality & Safety in Healthcare - Copenhagen, Denmark

At the International Forum in Copenhagen, we will continue key discussions about the delivery of equitable and safer care, and we will showcase the most innovative improvement and patient safety initiatives from around the world.

Our theme, Adapting to a changing world: equity, sustainability and wellbeing for all, will focus us on how the improvement movement can help healthcare systems adapt and thrive in a changing world. Some of the key topics we will address include equity, wellbeing, sustainability and learning from adverse events.
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Joining us in Copenhagen gives you access to 75+ live sessions across 3 days, including 10 half-day workshops, 8 off-site experience visits, 4 keynotes, over 100 patient safety and QI speakers and an interactive poster gallery showcasing projects from across the world.
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