Intellectual property right

Calitakropolis - has the mission to provide experience, knowledge and full capacity for innovation to provide solutions to the needs of Health. Our products and the MediQApp software system have the protection of ORDA, WIPO, EUIPO and OSIM, authorities that recognize the elements of innovation developed together with our experts.

Intellectual property right is considered safe and the security of the intellectual effort of the beneficiary health care unit is guaranteed by law, once Calitakropolis, based on the services provided, offers the right of use to its customers and transfers solutions to the health units its protected by law.

Calitakropolis has intellectual property rights over the predefined models developed and made available to the healthcare units benefiting from our products, and any use or partial or total multiplication, is not done without the written consent of both holders (Calitakropolis and the beneficiary unit) due to the protection of WIPO, EUIPO, ORDA and OSIM, and the existing certificates and patents.

Calitakropolis, through its 15 years of experience and knowledge in the field of hospital management, makes it easier for healthcare units to follow a professional approach to recognized performance in documenting existing processes.