Integrated software for a functional medical system.


We get involved together

La achiziționarea programului PREMIUM, aplicația va fi în primul rând structurată personalizat, va avea setul de proceduri necesar unității din Magazinul de Proceduri Calitakropolis și echipa unității sanitare va păstra un loc unui consultant dedicat care va scurta drumul de la teorie la practică. Este nevoie doar de stabilirea obiectivelor și componența echipei.

PRO Package

We create together

After completing the Diagnostic stages and the Basic variant in which we learn together what the application does and how, thanks to a well-defined work plan, the unit team knows clearly what are the procedural needs they want. Calitakropolis comes and continues the concrete help offered to its customers by making them available at the Calitakropolis Procedures Store where they buy only those documents that are missing.

BASIC Package

We learn together

When purchasing the BASIC PACKAGE we build with the unit team the customized structure of the hospital within the application, generating users and access levels. Together we ensure that the application works to the benefit of the team, using less time and human resources invested in developing quality management and accreditation preparation.


We discover together

For the success of the project and the development of the formalization of the integrated management system in the health unit, in compliance with the updated legislative requirements, specific to the medical field and the accreditation, it must firstly go through a diagnosis of the existing quality management.