Calitakropolis participates in the composition of the processes and the efficient training of the entire staff, training focused on everyone's understanding.

The trainings can be organized in the form of seminars or courses, by modern methods, with interactive techniques,
participatory (presentations, presentations, brainstorming, group exercises, role-playing games, case studies etc.).

The training objectives are established together with the beneficiary and can be supported with the help of professional training providers (national/ international) with which CALITAKROPOLIS collaborates.

The training agenda and work tools are customized according to the objectives and profile of the target group or by the specific level of training of the participants.

The training can know two forms of accomplishment:

Internal process training, at the unit's headquarters or online using the MediQapp digital tool::

External trainings such as seminars or courses, on prearranged and scheduled topics, with participation fee:

The training package from the unit's headquarters represents:

At the end of the collaboration with the Calitakropolis team the results will be: